My name is Krzysztof Andrzej Sikorski, and this is my portfolio.

I registered this domain in my youth, I intended it to be a not quite serious reference to James Bond's code number. I was even planning to put some kind of Easter Egg on seven.zerozero.pl subdomain, but ultimately the domain has just ended up as a forgotten placeholder.

Now, years later, I have decided to reuse it to host my programming portfolio, because why not.

You can browse source code of my projects at git.zerozero.pl subdomain, most of them is also mirrored to various code-sharing portals for ease of use and as a redundant backup.


Daemon 2

An old remake of a friend's PBBG (persistent browser-based game), created when I was just an IT student on my first full-time programing job.

Source code, Gitlab mirror.